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Learning Service A.I. powered Enterprise services

our services is our effort to contribute for an अत्मनिर्भर भारत
Learn & enhance Knowledge

On Teachers' Day (India), 5th Sept. 2020, we started a Free service for the students of India to enable Learning through Fine Multiple Choice Questions. During the Covid-19 Lockdown period we had no work so we utilized the time to build this as a free service for the student community.

FineMCQ ★ Active

Intellinucleus welcomes Sponsors for fineMCQ.
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LearningService.in and fineMCQ(fine multiple choice questions) is a service of Intellinucleus. FineMCQ streams in our following websites: finemcq.com, finemcq.in, finequiz.com, finequiz.in, learnmcq.com, learnmcq.in and quizer.in

Enterprise Services

Artificial Intelligence driven Service and Designing Services for Enterprises

Our service shall enable enterprises to understand and promote their Businesses better in the complex business ecosystems / scenarios.

Empower your enterprise with our highly efficient A.I. services to take better Business decisions in the prevailing conditions and for times to come.

Enterprise services starting soon

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