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Learning, Skill & Business Tools
⚛.Advanced Learning .Artificial Intelligence .Machine Learning .Automation .Fundamental Electronics .Advanced Digital Art & Animation .Augmented Reality. ⚙ Tools to make Businesses easy and better.

our effort to steer INDIA to the zenith
and contribute to अत्मनिर्भर भारत

On the Teachers' Day (India), 5th Sept. 2020, we started Fine Multiple Choice Questions (fineMCQ) a FREE service for the student community. The service is one of the services under (a division of Intellinucleus for imparting knowledge and skill to the interested).
Note: Presently, Fine Multiple Choice Questions is available in mobile phone browser in English on our websites


Enable students to learn and enhance their knowledge
as we know that knowledge is power and skill is the ability to transform knowledge to reality. Let us together take our Nation to zenith.

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Superior computing, Skill Development and Training
delving deep into the world of variables, code, syntax, logic and design in the paradigm of the dynamic ecosystems. Every effort towards technology is a need for easing lives of people of India.
Artificial Intelligence driven Scientific and Computational services for better Business.
algorithms and code to make machines and systems learn and re-learn to make accurate analysis and decisions is quite challenging and interesting. Our service for Businesses will be avaliable soon.
Tools for better Business and connect.
markets are changing, market scenarios have become hyper dynamic. Our effort is to make intelligent systems for Small and Medium Business in India.

Information Technology has the power to transform life and change perceptions. Let us use this resource judiciously for the benefit of mankind. Technology finds its use in almost every facet of life from Education, Research, Medicine, Production environment, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Sciences, Internet of things and more...Our gratitude to all those who have contributed to bring the world to this new level of technology. Yet, we have miles to go and achieve to make our India a Self-Reliant Nation in every discipline.

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